Frontier League directors ban use of maple bats
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October 28, 2008 - TROY, Ill. - At its recent meeting in Fort Myers, Florida, the Frontier League's Board of Directors voted unanimously to ban their players from using maple bats beginning with the upcoming 2009 season.

"We have seen many incidents of maple bats breaking in a jagged fashion and becoming projectiles," said Frontier League Commissioner Bill Lee. "We feel this could pose a risk to our players, on-field staffs, and fans. Last season, there were bat ends that stuck in the ground like spears and we simply cannot put the people near the action in that kind of danger."

As part of the ban, all bats that are used will have to show their grain clearly so that the rule can be enforced by the Leagues umpires. Any player using a maple bat will be ejected immediately from the game. In addition, the League office will impose a fine against the player and the manager of the players team.


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