25 Questions with Robert Matlock
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May 13, 2010 -
Born: February 13, 1985
Biggest sports influence? Living where sports is all there is to do
Must-see TV Show? Family Guy
What's in your iPod? Everything
Favorite sport outside baseball? Football
If you're not watching sports, you're watching...? My son
If i weren't a professional baseball player, I'd be? A coach
What was the best moment of your career? Leading the league in hits
What's your favorite walkup/intro music? Linkin Park - Given Up
Do you have a superstition or ritual that you follow? The way I enter the batters box
What will happen first - Cubs winning the world series or the Lions winning the Super Bowl? Cubs
Who's hotter - Megan Fox or Beyonce? Megan Fox
Most overrated statistic? Batting average
Most underrated statistic? Situational hitting (not really a known stat)
What is the definition of WHIP?Walks and hits per innings pitched
What is the definition of OPS? On base percentage plus slugging percentage
Should players who admit steroid use or were discovered beyond reasonable doubt to have used a banned substance be allowed into the Hall of Fame? Athletes are athletes, if they spent their career on drugs then no, if they took drugs one year, it should not take away their career.
What's your favorite movie? Law Abiding Citizen
American Idol or Survivor? Don't watch either
Lost or 24? Don't watch either
What is the most significant issue or event in baseball in the last 20 years? Steroids, who has done them.
Have you ever played amatuer or minor-league ball with anyone who have become noteworthy in the majors? No
Have you ever played winter ball? If yes, in what country/countries? No
Have you played for a national team? If yes, in what events (Olympics, World Cup, etc.)? No


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