Change the tune, fans say
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October 26, 2010 - Nearly three in four RiverHawks fans want more diversity in music at Road Ranger Stadium.

Seventy-six percent of 338 voters in the most recent online poll want change, but they are split seven different ways.

The top vote-getter, at 24 percent (80 votes) is for more urban music. Right behind that is the 22 percent (74 votes) who emphatically perfer the status quo and 22 percent (73) who want more country music. Ten percent (35) want more oldies and classic rock.

Seven percent (23) would prefer a ballpark organist and the elimination of canned music. Sixteen voters asked for more jazz, 15 for more hard rock and 14 would like more Top 40 contempoary hits.

Eight voters said the current music was adequate. Not a single voter asked for more Latin music, so we won't be Livin' La Vida Loca at "The Ranger" anytime soon.

Do you like the music at Road Ranger Stadium?
Yes! 74 vote(s)
It's okay 8 vote(s)
Too much oldies and country - play more Top 40 contemporary hits 14 vote(s)
Play more country 73 vote(s)
Play more hard rock 15 vote(s)
Play more urban hits 80 vote(s)
Play more Latin music 0 vote(s)
Play more oldies and classic rock 35 vote(s)
Play more jazz 16 vote(s)
Dump the canned music - bring in a ballpark organist 23 vote(s)


338 total vote(s)


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