Keep the tech out of umpiring, fans say
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July 6, 2010 - MLB should keep high technology out of umpiring, according to fans who participated in the last online poll.

Forty-six percent (163 votes) of 351 total voters said there should be no change to the current umpiring system. Another seven percent (23) voted to get rid of any replay.

Twenty-three percent of voters (79) said that all plays should be reviewable. Sixteen percent (55) approved, if umpires initiated the replay.

Should the major leagues expand instant replay?
Yes - all safe/out plays should be reviewable; but don't review balls and strikes 79 vote(s)
Yes - review everything 16 vote(s)
Yes - but only if umpires initiate the replay 55 vote(s)
No - Keep the current limited replay system 163 vote(s)
No - Get rid of any replay 23 vote(s)
Cyborg umpires is the answer 15 vote(s)


351 total vote(s)


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