Fans' pick for MVP: James
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October 13, 2009 - Jason James was the RiverHawks' Most Valuable Player in 2009, according to fans voting in a recent online poll.

James edged Doug Sanders by just 11 votes in the poll. James, who won the Frontier League batting title with a team-record .374 average and hit in a league-record 40 straight games, drew 39 percent (140 votes) of 358 total votes. Sanders received 36 percent (129).

Kyle Wright, who won the league ERA title, totaled 22 percent (80). Fellow 10-game winner Brett Durand drew nine votes.

Who was the RiverHawks' Most Valuable Player in 2009?

Brett Durand 9 vote(s)
Jason James 140 vote(s)
Doug Sanders 129 vote(s)
Kyle Wright 80 vote(s)


358 total vote(s)


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