Fans split on report results
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January 2, 2008 - Fans voting in our online poll on the Mitchell Report, detailing Major League Baseball's internal investigation into performance-enhancing drug use in the big leagues, have widely mixed opinions regarding the results.
Slightly more than half of the 200 votes had a negative response, but even those 103 votes were split. Nearly 45 (23 percent) are fed up and said it was time for the federal government to intervene. Twelve percent saw a conflict of interest in having a member of ownership run the investigation. Less than nine percent each voted that either a lack of more major players named or, conversely, too much information made public was the biggest flaw.
Twenty percent of voters supported the results. Twenty voters appreciated the exposure given to the issue. Another 20 said the report lived up to its billing, but said they weren't surprised by the players named.
An additional 10 percent of poll respondents will reserve judgment until punishments and policy changes are complete. Nearly 20 percent said they did not consider performance-enhancing drugs to be an issue.


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