Fans predict Bonds won't be back
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December 13, 2007 - Fans voting in our recently ended online poll say Barry Bonds won't be in the major leagues in 2008.

Just 29 of 526 total voters (5.5 percent) predicted the controversial all-time homer king will play big-league ball next season. Most of them picked Oakland as Bonds' new team.

More than 94 percent predicted Bonds won't be seen on a major-league field. Thirty-three percent predicted he will retire. Six percent predicted his legal troubles will keep in a courtroom and not at the plate.

Some less-than-serious responses? The Washington Wild Things issued a farcical press release last month that they had offered Bonds a contract to play in the Pittsburgh suburb, despite the fact that the former Pirate is 16 years older than the Frontier League age limit of 27. That "possibility" gained 51 percent of the vote. One percent voted he would be in the California Penal League, for those who get the "Major League" film reference. Two percent predict Bonds will debut as a professional wrestler in the coming year.


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